Saturday, January 30, 2010

Snow Much Fun !!

Typically where we live snow does not happen. We had 5 inches of snow !! For us that is a blizzard. The boys have made more memories these past 2 days than they have in a very long time. I love to hear the excitement as they look out the window waiting for the 1st glimmer of snow. The rush of whose is going to get all their winter stuff on 1st. The giggles and squeals as they hear the snow crunch beneath their shoes.
The older 2 boys have seen snow like this before but it has been a very long time, so this was their 1st time all over again . They immediately starting making snowballs to throw at each other. They run and fall into the snow to make snow angels. There is such joy in those sweet faces that make my heart just swell up with love.
The younger 2 boys learn just how much the cold can be when snow is involved. Simon being 5 ran and joined the older 2 but Andrew who is only 2 started to make a snowman. It was just absolutely precious watching him make it. He is soo proud of his final creation as am I.

Once everything was done and every inch of them were frozen to the bone we came in made snow ice cream. That was a 1st time for everyone including me. ican see Gods glory soo much in my boys. I am soo blessed.

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