Tuesday, September 15, 2009

What Can I say but ......

God must really trust me !! I have 4 boys ages 10,7,5,and 2 !! I love them to pieces !! They challenge me daily to become a better person. They have also given me a HUGE sense of humor !! Oh did mention that I homeschool them also !! Everyday is a new adventure with them and sometimes I have to remind myself of that just to get through the day !!
Right now I am trying to teach the 2 yr old Andrew to use the potty. Not going very well. He is just soo stubborn and spoiled !! He knows how to and he will when he wants to but he also will poop in his pull up or underwear and them smear it on the walls !! SOO GROSS !!! I try to be mean momma to get him to mind but them gives me that look and those little kisses and my heart melts ♥ . What's a mom to do I tell ya !!
The fights I cant tell ya how many fights these boys get into !! It drives me crazy !! Now don t let me fool you they do not fist fight, but the sure do yell and argue a lot at each other over the littlest things, such as NO THAT IS MY FORK !!!!!It is that whole i am bigger and better than you thing on who is going to be the alpha male. Boy those teenage years are going to be soo much fun !!!