Thursday, January 28, 2010

Simon Says !!

My sweet Simon is the one God has blessed me with to keep me on my toes. He says things that just make you smile. His older brother is named Phillip so one day he was helping pick up some tools he handed me a screwdriver and said "mom this is a phillip's screwdriver " I said yes you are right good job" then he handed me a flat head screwdriver and said " mom this is a Simon screwdriver" Love that !! A few weeks ago at church we had some missionaries come talk to the kids . Simon came home and told me that he talk to some mysteries. He also reminds me of the little things I think my boys don't notice such as getting frustrated in traffic, he tells me to be patient.
Let me give you a little back ground on my sweet Simon. When I was about 23wks pregnant I was told I was having a girl. Six weeks till my due date I went into labor and out came a 5lb little boy. Right then and there I knew I was going to have my hands full with him. He started physical therapy at 6 months and didn't walk to 2. He has has 5 surgeries in 5 years. That child brings me soo much joy. My life wouldn't be complete without him.

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